This page will detail some general information about the different kinds of Mage eudemons and their properties.


  • MageAtkDef
Mage Eudemons' primary damage stat is Matk (Magical Attack) and are able to learn and use mage spells. These eudemons and their spells, or 'skills' are mainly used by Mages, however, other classes use them as well since they have a versatile skill set. They can also can learn a skill called 'Windbeads', which provides decent AOE (Area of Effect) damage meant for clearing groups of mobs quickly. The one downfall to using Mage eudemons is they are unable to be 'Converged'. Converging eudemons onto your character allows them to act as a 'shield' and take damage instead of you. This is very desirable, the lack of this ability on Mage eudemons limits their ability to purely offensive combat (they can still 'tank' for you if they are closer to an enemy).[1]

Mage eudemon skillsEdit

Mage eudemons can learn various (from a limited list), skills that are very useful in combat. The most popular and often used skill is called 'Windbeads' which shoots out 3 'orbs' (or beads) in a cone in the direction you target (the targeting system uses the mouse to target enemies). 

Each skill starts at level 1, and after a certain amount of uses hits level 3 (max) and gains damage, or increase in duration or other stats (depending on spell), also MP cost is increased and the spell effect changes on most spells.


  • Firebolt
    • Passive attack skill
  • Lighting
    • Single target Matk damage, 155% damage at level 3
  • Thunder
    • Single target Matk damage, 163% damage at level 3
  • Windbeads
    • AOE target Matk damage, 130% at level 3
  • Rage [XP]
    • XP skill, eudemon uses when you do, increases damage output
  • Thunderbolt [XP]
    • XP skill, eudemon uses when you do, increases damage output
    • (This skill may have been removed from use within the game)

List of Mage petsEdit

  • MageAtkDef
  • MageMdef
  • MageMatk
  • Mage Gos
  • Mage Tinna
  • Mage Pipy/Peppy
  • Blood Sage/Blood Phantom
  • Sizzle
  • Valkyrie
  • Imogen/Benvolio
  • Snow Tiger/Cute Tiger
  • Happy Cattle/Joy Cattle
  • Shadow Mage Liz
  • Mage Dodo
  • Rabbit Lori/Jazzy Rabbit
  • Fairy Vayna
  • Panda Pantica
  • Callandra
  • Minarra
  • Aurora
  • Dragon Ian
  • Fantasy Emissary
  • Hades Heir
  • Ophir


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