Boss hunting in Eudemons Online is when player search of 'Boss' monsters in one of the zones they appear, Misty Marsh, Gobi Desert, Dark Marsh, Icy Land or Volcano. These Boss monsters are marked by their larger body sizes and a level next to their name. These bosses appear in three different types, Elite, Unique and Refined all having different drop chances for items. 


Bosses are often hunted for due to their exremely valuable drops. Bosses drop various items out of a select group. These drops include Stones: Redstones (most valuable), Violet stones, and Yellow stones; weapons and armor ranging from refined to elite and also unidenified.

How to find BossesEdit

The hardest part about hunting Bosses is finding them (obviously). However, their spawn locations can be somewhat predicable, unless they roam to far away. Bosses also have a minute timer to respawn, lower tiered bosses (refined) spawn faster and more often than higher tiered (elite). The exact times are unknown precisely, elite have around 30 minutes respawn time while refined would have less, 10 minutes or so. There are some decent maps made by one player that highlights the spawn locations of most bosses and their quality (refined, unique or elite) at Boss Hunting Locations

Also a very skilled boss hunter from LA/LasVegas server, Miyuu made a youtube video showing how to boss hunt and get great drop everytime (Note: required Godship status and Avatar ability and a Necromancer character to follow the video).



Boss Hunting guide by Miyuu